Monday, March 31, 2008


Welcome to "The Melancholy of a Mariners Fan", which can be easily shortened to TMoaMF for your convenience. I'm sure it will catch on.

Anyway, this is where I will digest and regurgitate baseball news (mostly Mariners, for obvious reasons), sports news and dick jokes. One main feature will be my nightly recaps, where I will take each and every game and break them down into turds of wisdom. Are you excited yet?

In case you don't get out much, today is Opening Day, the greatest day of the year. Of course, the only game I really care about (the others mostly exist only for my fantasy pleasure) is the Mariners/Rangers. Erik Bedard begins his quest to justify being traded for Adam Jones, while Kevin Millwood continues his quest to show that, yes, he's still in the league. My pants are tingling in anticipation.

I will be back later tonight to recap each game. While you're at it, do check out my favorite sites to the right of this post. They are much funnier than I am.